Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Review: Southern Gentleman

Southern Gentleman Southern Gentleman by Jessica Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Southern Gentleman is the third book in Jessica Peterson’s Charleston Heat series, and like the prior books in the series this one had me hooked. It was another book I finished in no time at all, demonstrating once again why Jessica Peterson is one of my favourite romance writers.

As with each of the books in the series, Southern Gentleman can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. I certainly recommend reading the prior books, though, as you get to see more of the characters from the prior books and get that added extra fun. Not to mention, all the books in the Charleston Heat series are well worth reading.

With Southern Gentleman, Jessica Peterson gives us another trope she has yet to write, and she does it well. It’s filled with the classic Jessica Peterson greatness, ensuring you’ll be hooked throughout. The chemistry between the characters is wonderful, the romance is steamy, and the events are emotion filled. As always, there is plenty of humour to be found throughout, ensuring you’ll be giggling away at certain events.

Although there is a lot I love about this series, I think the way it’s so romance book positive is my favourite. We have a story within a story (I really need Jessica Peterson to write the historical romances we’re seeing throughout these books, even if they’re just novellas for us to enjoy), and lots of discussion about romance and the expectations it gives us in life. It’s meta in the best of ways, and I love it.

Without a doubt, Southern Gentleman is a great addition to the Charleston Heat series. It’s filled with the things Jessica Peterson does so well and has left me desperate for book four.

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