Thursday 10 December 2020

Review: Lost Flyght

Lost Flyght Lost Flyght by S.J. Pajonas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lost Flyght is the fourth book in the Flyght series by S.J. Pajonas, and it’s another wonderful addition to the series. If you’ve been enjoying the series thus far, you need to dive into this one to enjoy all the things that play out.

After finishing High Flyght, there were a lot of things I wanted to see more of in the next book. Although Lost Flyght deals with a lot of things – providing answers to plenty of questions – it didn’t deal with the one I’d most expected. I was a wee bit disappointed by this at first, but that feeling quickly passed. This book does not deal with the expected aspect, but the topics it deals with are done really well. Some of my beliefs were confirmed, some elements went in unexpected ways, and there are new details that have me theorising what will come next. It’s another story with plenty packed into it, ensuring you’ll devour it in no time.

Without a doubt, Lost Flyght is a must read for fans of the series. I’m once again eager to see what comes next and plan to dive right into the next book.

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