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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Review: Bad Luck

Bad Luck Bad Luck by Linwood Barclay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

By this point in my reading of the Zack Walker mysteries, anyone following my reviews will release I’m somewhat addicted. In fact, reading this series is reminding me just how much I love crime thrillers. I used to read them all the time, but as of late my reading of such books has been rather sporadic. However, this series is making me want to go back to the way I once was. I think, in part, I had a bad run with thriller books and that is why I moved away for a while – but I assure you, that is about to change.

With Bad Luck (or Lone Wolf, as it was published in some countries), Linwood Barclay brings us more of what we have come to enjoy so much with this series. Like the two prior books, Bad Move and Bad Guys, Bad Luck sucked me in from the very start, and refused to let up until I was finished with the book. The moment I was finished, I had one thought in my mind – to grab Bad News (or Stone Rain, as it was published in some countries), the final book, and see how everything came together.

Each time I finish a Zack Walker book, I want to dive into the next. Yet my desire was even stronger this time, as we get quite a bit of promise throughout this one of what is to come in the final book. We get to see that it will involve a side character I have rather enjoyed, one I want to see more of, and I cannot wait to see how her story unfolds. Whilst I have enjoyed all the Zack Walker mysteries, I have the highest hopes for the final book – it really is a whole new level of excitement.

Back to Bad Luck, though.

Bad Luck was another addictive read, leaving me turning the pages as I worked to see how everything came together. You’re sucked in deep, and before you know it coming up for air is no longer important. We get more of the great characters we have been enjoying throughout the prior books, along with being introduced to some new individuals, and we finally get to meet characters who have been mentioned in the past. We have a wonderful storyline, one with many elements that link together wonderfully – and even the predictable elements made for great enjoyment. We have more of the humour that keeps you chuckling away – some being quite childish, but all bringing a smile to your face.

Keeping me gripped throughout, and providing a serious kick, Bad Luck was another great Zack Walker mystery.

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