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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Review: The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell by Robert Dugoni
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

From the moment I read the synopsis of The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, I was intrigued. There was so much potential, and I was excited to see how the story played out. I went in with so many possibilities in my mind, yet no real expectations of what to expect – I just wanted to see if the story came together as well as I was hoping it would.

Although I did enjoy The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell, I wasn’t as blown away by it as I had hoped to be. It is certainly a book worth read, one that is enjoyable, but it was not extraordinary. That is not a terrible attempt at a play on words – it’s just a reflection of what I had been expecting. I had expected extraordinary events, yet the events were rather ordinary in my mind. Even though I said I went in with no expectations of the specifics, I had still been anticipating some really mind-blowing events. What happened was ordinary – yet it was powerful.

You see, the book deals with many ordinary everyday aspects, but it brings to light the hardship experienced by our main character. We deal with so many issues throughout the story, with there being strong undercurrents throughout. It is heart-warming to watch how our main character deals with all the hardship in his life, it certainly strikes a chord, but I had wanted a few extraordinary moments thrown in there too. The title had me expecting out of the ordinary events, rather than a book that dealt with the hardships attached to ordinary life events. I’m not trying to lessen the impact of the book, because it was powerful, it simply wasn’t what I had expected.

Despite how this wasn’t quite what I had been hoping for, I’m positive many will enjoy this book.

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