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Review: Temptation Trials Revolution

Temptation Trials Revolution Temptation Trials Revolution by B. Truly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed B. Truly’s Temptation Trials, finding it to be a great mix of reality television and dystopian leadership. When I found out we were getting to see things from the males’ points of view, I was eager to dive in. With how they were the ones involved in the rebellion, with the fact they were the original rebels, I had high hopes for their tale.

In truth, my rating is more of a three-point-five-star rating. I enjoyed it, but I did not enjoy it to the same degree as I enjoyed reading things from the girls’ perspectives. Hence, I rounded down. If you have read and enjoyed Temptation Trials and are looking for more, if you’re eager for another perspective, I would certainly recommend diving into this one. It adds that little bit more, allowing you to immerse yourself into what had happened in those times where we only had snippets of video to understand the events.

The first half of the book gives us the information we had from the first Temptation Trials book, allowing us to see how the relationship develops between the leading characters. The added extra is the information about the rebellion. We did not get as much as I had expected, but what we received has left me curious for more. The second half of the book give us the information of what happen on the island, and this was the part that had me completely hooked. I enjoyed getting all those details, I enjoyed finding out more, and it certainly satisfied my curiosity.

Although this can be read as a standalone novel, I do believe it’s best enjoyed as a companion novel to the Temptation Trails. It is addictive, it leaves you wanting more, but it is best experience when you have the knowledge from the first Temptation Trials book. As both the Temptation Trials and the Tempted series occur in tandem, it is certainly worth reading them both for a fuller picture.

With such a fun storyline, providing me with more of a series I adored, Temptation Trails Revolution has left me more than willing to dive into Temptation Trials Rebellion to fill in all the gaps.

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