Friday 15 February 2019

Review: The Blood Prince

The Blood Prince The Blood Prince by Josie Jaffrey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Josie Jaffrey has created a wonderful world with her Solis Invicti series and the Sovereign spin-off, and with each book I read I find myself sucked in ever deeper. With The Blood Prince, I was both desperate for more and scared of saying goodbye. It’s a world I’ve come to love, one I’ve come to truly adore, and I was determined to savour the experience.

I was also desperate for answers, meaning I devoured The Blood Prince in the same way I have devoured all my Josie Jaffrey reads.

If you have yet to read The Gilded King and The Silver Queen, turn around and do so now. Not only are they fabulous reads, they’re also necessary to understand all that comes into play during The Blood Prince. If you read the Solis Invicti series, you’ll have additional understanding, but it is not necessary to read the series to understand this one. By the time you’re finished with the Sovereign series, however, you will find yourself willing to dive into every Josie Jaffrey story you can get your hands on.

From the very first page, The Blood Prince sucks you back into the action and intrigue of the world. With plenty of questions left hanging at the end of The Silver Queen, with plenty of things we with to see play out, it is not long before you’re working towards the action and answers you desire. Of course, in typical Josie Jaffrey fashion, we also have new elements introduced.

I’ll be completely honest and say I was uncertain at first when it came to some of the new elements. I found it difficult to work out where the new elements were going to take us, and I was unsure if I would like the direction. After all, some of these things were completely unexpected and against what I’d thought we’d be receiving. Then, as more details came together, I found myself sucked in. It became an aspect that intrigued me on multiple levels, and the new aspects sucked me in deep.

Add in the way everything came together, the answers we were given, and I was lost. I had so many fangirl moments throughout – mainly with Cameron and Felix, because I’m so invested in their story arc – with countless things leaving me with all the feels. There really is so much development to see in this one – throughout the book, throughout the series, and across the series – making it a beautiful thing to see.

Without a doubt, The Blood Prince concluded the Sovereign series in a beautiful manner. If you have yet to start the series, you need to go and amend that now. Josie Jaffrey is an author to watch, and this series forces you to new heights with addition.

To put it bluntly: so damn good.

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