Tuesday 26 February 2019

Review: Only Ever You

Only Ever You Only Ever You by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As a huge Siobhan Davis fan and a huge fan of rock star romances, I was eager to dive into Only Ever You. Siobhan Davis has already wowed me with one rock star romance, Incognito, and I was ready to be wowed for a second time.

As with all Siobhan Davis contemporary romances, Only Ever You deals with a lot of heavy topics. It will not be a book for everyone, with there being a rather extensive list of triggers at the start of the story, but those who are able to deal with such things are in for an addictive read. Siobhan Davis hooks you with this one, and you’re unable to put the book down.

It is a story with numerous layers, one that has you turning the pages to see how everything comes together. Even when you know what is to come, even when you’ve worked things out, you’re desperate to see the specifics. It does not matter that you know things, you need to watch them play out. You’re sucked in deep, and it ensures you’ll devour the book in no time at all.

I will be honest and say the events entertained me more than the romance between the characters did. If I’m completely truthful, I never felt the intense connection between them that they seemed to. I think, however, what comes into play here is that I was born in the wrong generation. There’s a running joke with my friends that the only ‘D’ I’m going to get is my PhD, and I feel as though the relationship between these two focused a bit too heavily on the physical connection (or, at least, their desire for one) than on the feelings between them. As I said, though, I’m old fashioned and completely out of touch with people my age. As much as I love a good erotic scene (you just need to look at the amount of erotica I read to understand), I feel as though things came back to sex too often between these two for me to care about what they were really feeling for each other.

Outside of that, however, there was plenty of entertaining things to enjoy. When we were focused on these things, I really enjoyed the story. As I’ve already mentioned, there is a lot going on in this one, with so many layers to unravel. Even though the ending felt a bit too easy, things came together so well, with all the different strands playing out in wonderful ways. In fact, this one reminded me of one of my favourite rock star romances – Rock King by Tara Leigh – and had the same kind of drama I adored in that one. It’s no surprise I was hooked.

Although I will not be labelling Only Ever You my favourite Siobhan Davis read, it was an enjoyable read.

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