Friday, 8 June 2018

Review: Beneath the Skin

Beneath the Skin Beneath the Skin by Caroline England
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Caroline England’s Beneath the Skin is another example of how I need to start paying more attention when deciding which book to buy to complete one of those ‘purchase x number of books to get them for x price’ offers. You see, although this one was sitting in the mystery and thriller section, such was not what I was given. If I was going to label this as anything I would label it as a drama, not as a crime novel like those surrounding it in store.

I have no issue with dramas, I will gladly give them a read, yet I feel cheated with this one. I was really in the mood for a mystery book, wanting to break up my reading of other genres with a non-stop thriller, yet reading this failed to give me the kind of read I was hoping for. Had I not felt cheated, I probably would have given this a two-star rating, yet I felt so betrayed I couldn’t round my one-point-five-star rating up.

Actually, it wasn’t just that. The fact this was not the thriller I was hoping for was one issue, but a bigger issue is that the drama was lacking in conclusions. There was so much going on throughout this story – too much, at times – and I feel as though we never got a solid conclusion about the things I wanted to know. I was left with questions hanging open, and I’m not a big fan of such endings. I can appreciate them at times, if done well, but this one felt as though the author couldn’t decide which way to go so left it to the reader’s imagination.

All in all, Beneath the Skin was not the story I had been hoping for.

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