Friday, 8 June 2018

Review: Frostblood

Frostblood Frostblood by Elly Blake
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Elly Blake’s Frostblood is one of those books that consistently caught my attention, begging me to pick it up. However, I always seemed to pick up something else instead. You see, I’d read quite a few negative reviews and it had left me tentative about the story. In the end, though, I decided to give it a read – after all, despite the worries, the book continued to grab my attention.

In truth, Frostblood is like a lot of the young adult fantasy books on the market. Does it bring anything new to the table? Not really. Most of the things we have seen before, we can tick off on a checklist. Unfortunately, such seems to be the norm with books in this genre at the moment. More and more books are being churned out, yet nothing is really standing out as new and different. At least, I have yet to find any book that can be labelled as such.

Despite this, Frostblood was a really addictive read. Clearly the popular formula is working, as I found myself powering through this story at a rapid pace. I may have worked things out, I may not have been shocked by any of the events, but I was entertained enough to keep turning the pages. In fact, I was rather surprised by how addictive I found the story.

My addiction was not enough for me to round up my three-point-five-star rating, though. Sure, I was addicted and wanted to know more; however, this book was not to the standard of other books in the genre that have earned a four-star rating from me. For me to have rounded this rating up, I would have liked more depth – to me, some things were never given the attention they could have been, and these things really could have won me over.

Will I be reading more of the Frostblood books? Potentially. If I see Fireblood on offer, I’m sure I’ll grab it, yet I doubt I will be going out of my way to find it. I’m interested in seeing where the series goes, but I’m not overly desperate to power through the books.

Overall, Frostblood was a surprisingly addictive read.

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