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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Review: The Last King

The Last King The Last King by Katee Robert
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Having read and enjoyed the last three books in Katee Robert’s O’Malleys series, I found myself more than willing to pick up more of the author’s work. I keep meaning to go back to the start of the O’Malleys series, to fill in the gaps in my knowledge, but I’ve been sucked in by her new releases instead. First there was Make Me Want, the first book in the Make Me series. I wasn’t crazy about this one, but it was an okay enough read. Then there was The Last King, the first book in The Kings series, and I found I enjoyed this one even less. I’m thinking it may well be a case that the O’Malleys series was for me, but as a whole Katee Robert is not. I’m willing to give some of her other books a read, but I’m no longer the eager person I was prior to diving into The Last King.

You see, I was really excited for The Last King. It sounded exactly like the kind of book I would love, with all the elements of a good romance that sucks me in. Then, when I started reading, I found it was extremely difficult to get through. I kept starting and stopping this one, and it took me far too long to work my way through this book.

My issue is that I did not care. I did not care for the characters, as I could not connect with them at all. I did not care for the story, as it did not grip me in the way I had hoped. I just didn’t care much at all. I kept turning the pages, waiting for the moment where I would be sucked in, but it did not happen. I spent the entire book feeling indifferent to the events and the characters, and I was so disappointed as I had such high hopes this would be a new Katee Robert series I could enjoy from the start.

Sure it was steamy, I cannot fault Katee Robert for that, but without chemistry I cannot connect with such an element of the storyline – and I am not going to work my way through a series simply because the steam is good, when I am not enjoying anything else.

I’m sure many will enjoy this – I know there are many Katee Robert fans out there who will be more than ready to dive into the future books in this series – but it was not for me. As I said, I will give some of the author’s other work a read, but I doubt I’ll be diving into each new release as I have over the last couple.

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