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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Review: Unraveling Darkness

Unraveling Darkness Unraveling Darkness by Alex Lidell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a big fan of Mulan since childhood, I always jump at any book that contains females pretending to be someone else to make it in a man’s world. Thus, I was instantly drawn towards Alex Lidell’s Scout duology. From the moment I read the synopsis of Tracing Shadows, I knew I needed to know more. I was more than happy to jump right in, and as soon as I was done I was left desperate for book two.

Unraveling Darkness was a wonderful conclusion to the story, one I really enjoyed. It was not perfect, but I had so many feels moments throughout, powering through the book at a desperate rate to see how everything came together. There is no doubt I will be reading more Alex Lidell in the future, as Scout has confirmed the author sure knows how to pull me in with her fantasy worlds.

Picking up where Tracing Shadows ended, Unraveling Darkness throws us straight into the action. Things are moving from the very start, and do not let up throughout the book. Each chapter brings us something more, each throwing more towards us. There was so much to see, and Alex Lidell delivered so much throughout.

Our characters continue to grow, giving us more of the wonderful interactions we came to enjoy in the first book. The romance was great, causing me to fall in deeper in love with the brewing relationship. The storyline was gripping, being fast paced and filled with everything to keep us turning the pages. The only thing I felt I would have liked more of was the world building. I really enjoyed the world building in the first book, but I do not feel as though it was as strong in this book. There was certainly a lot to see, but I feel as though some questions went unanswered. In some ways I would have liked this to be a trilogy, just so that I could better understand some aspects of the world, and why certain things played out the way they did. It wasn’t bad world building, far from it, it simply wasn’t the level I had hoped for considering everything that occurred throughout this one.

Without a doubt, I really enjoyed this conclusion to the Scout story. This was an insanely addictive duology, and I cannot wait to dive into more from the author.

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