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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Review: Secret Wishes

Secret Wishes Secret Wishes by Nikki Ashton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Since picking up my first Nikki Ashton read, I’ve wanted more of her work. I’ve read a handful, but nowhere near as many as I plan to – after all, all her books scream out for me to read. As much as I enjoy the author’s romantic comedy, I do have a particular weakness for her Connor Ranch series. It’s a beautiful contemporary romance series, one filled with so much emotion, and I cannot help but find myself loving each of the books.

The first book in the series, Box of Hearts, broke me in so many ways. It was insanely emotional, one of my favourite books in terms of the emotions it pulled from me. The second book in the series, Angels’ Kisses, was another emotional read. It had a lot to live up to after the first book, and it certainly delivered. It was a very different kind of story, but it was just as beautiful. Thus, Secret Wishes had a lot to live up to.

Fear not, for Secret Wishes is another wonderful addition to the Connor’s series. It was just as beautiful as the two prior books, filled with all the emotion I have come to love with this series.

Although each book works perfectly fine as a standalone novel, I would recommend giving this series a read in order. It is not necessary, but it allows you to get a better understanding of the characters. In this one, we get the story of Caleb, the boy who stole my heart in Angels’ Kisses.

Caleb has come a long way since we first met him in Angels’ Kisses, and as an honorary Connor it is only fitting that the series ended with his story. It’s not just the honorary Connor we follow in this book, though, as our leading lady is a Connor cousin, keeping things in the family throughout the series.

Like the two prior books, this one was filled with all kinds of emotions. Giving us another emotional story, Nikki Ashton introduces us to another type of story in this one – the learning to love yourself storyline. Sometimes these come across as quite preachy, but with this one it was beautifully done. I adored the way our leading characters interacted with each other, adored the way their story came together – in other words, I adored this one just like I adored the two prior books.

Box of Hearts remains my favourite book in the series, as that couple has a special place in my heart, but Secret Wishes is a close second. There was so much beauty throughout this story, sucking me in and leaving me wanting more. As ever, Nikki Ashton delivered a story that had everything needed to keep us hooked – wonderful characters, a deep and meaningful storyline, plenty of emotion, events on every page, and that necessary bit of humour to give us the much needed chuckle (in fact, the humour in this one is reminisce of the author’s romantic comedy, ensuring plenty of chuckles).

I really am sad to say goodbye to this series. It’s been such a wonderful journey, and I cannot help but cross my fingers in the hope we will get more Connor books in the future. There are some characters I wish to see more of, but if that doesn’t work I will gladly settle for a story set years in the future so we can get to see the kids grown up. Honestly, I love this series and will gladly read anything related to it.

Without a doubt, Secret Wishes was a wonderful way to close off a series I adore.

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