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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Review: The Black Blossom

The Black Blossom The Black Blossom by C.J. Anaya
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes.

I came across C.J. Anaya through a Goodreads giveaway for this series. Unfortunately, I did not win the series, but I did sign up for her newsletter. Through doing so, I received the first book and a short story. I had intended to read it for quite some time – but my to-read list is ridiculously long. Despite having not read any of her work, though, I signed up to join her advance read team when I saw she was looking for people to join. This meant I got to read her Marry Your Billionaire at the start of the year – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew right then that I would be reading more of her work. Still, I didn’t pick this up right away. It had nothing to do with a lack of interest, rather I had so many advance reads to get through and there were so many new books I’d been waiting on, it just sort of feel to the bottom of my list. Not too long back, however, I noticed that C.J. Anaya was looking for people to review the series for her. Thus, I contacted her. I explained that I had the first book and would love to read the rest of the series. She was lovely enjoy to send me books two and three.

Then came the dreaded exam period that puts a dampener on bibliophiles. Despite wanting to read a book a day, such a thing isn’t really advised. Thus, it was put aside for a while.

Finally, however, I have got to work on the series. After finishing book one I knew I wanted more. However, what I did not expect was for me to find myself so crazy addicted to the second story. Yes, I gave the first book four stars, yet compared to the second book it is an exceptionally weak four stars. The Healer was a flickering around the four stars read, whereby I couldn’t give it anything less because it would have been an injustice. The Black Blossom, on the other hand, threatened to be a five star read for quite a lot of the book. However, as I’m exceptionally cruel when it comes to my five stars I held back with this one. It wasn’t quite there when I compare it to the selection of books I have given five stars. Oh, it’s close, but not quite enough – if nothing else, I need to hold out hope that the next one will shine even brighter.

With book one, I found it took me a while to get into the story. With the second book, I was pulled in from the get go. As always, her writing style is very much her own, with the characters being brought to life so easily. I didn’t find the cast as amusing in this one, but I loved them just as much. In fact, I loved them more in many different ways. There are so many interesting characters, with so much going on, that I found myself unable to put the book down, as I needed to know what happened to each of the characters.

Moreover, whilst my love triangle issue is still very much around, it wasn’t as in your face with this story. We focus upon getting the backstory, with the history building up. There is still romance to be dealt with, but it is nowhere near as in your face as it was in the first book. It is simmering just below the surface, making itself known every so often, yet most of the book is focused upon the development of the characters and the stories.

A story we had some glimpses of in the first book – but trust me when I tell you those glimpses give away very little. Honestly, the entire backstory is coming to light and there is so little that we know. We know where things are heading, but as the specifics come to light I’m finding myself more and more addicted and interested in where everything is going to end.

Speaking of endings – I need to start the next one instantly. Whilst it made sense to end the story at that specific moment, I felt as though it was a little bit on the abrupt side. I know that books three will continue it on, giving more of the details, but I felt as though it was a bit of a Game of Thrones ending. You know what I mean, whereby the ending cuts off at one of the good points and leaves you wanting more. I both love and hate such endings all at one. At least with this one I have book three on my Kindle ready and waiting.

In case you have not guessed by now, I’m planning to start book three instantly. I need to know what comes next.

Without a doubt, this is a brilliant second book, leaving me more than just a little bit addicted.

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