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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Review: Enticed

Enticed Enticed by Ginger Voight
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If I’m being completely truthful, two things pulled me towards this book. First, we have the word ‘free’. Whenever a book is free on Amazon, I click the ‘buy’ button. I cannot say no to freebies. Second, we have the cover. I know you should never judge a book by the cover, but this one was so pretty. Thus, I was pulled in by two aspects that aren’t overly related to the book. Despite this, I did want to enjoy this one.

From the start, I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped to.

By the end of chapter one, I’d decided that I did not like the main character. I could not tell you what in particular bugged me, but throughout the first two chapters my friend had a running commentary upon all the negativity I already felt towards her. As the book progressed, I came to enjoy her a bit more – but I never really came to enjoy her all that much.

In fact, I never really enjoyed any of the characters.

It seems to be the done thing nowadays, to create dislikeable characters. However, I really don’t believe such is what the author was aiming for. We were supposed to like the characters… yet I couldn’t. I cannot place my finger on what was the exact problem, but I never really came to like any of them. They all felt like too much. Whilst these views play in with the ending, I feel as though I was not supposed to have such negative views towards everyone from the start. You’re supposed to have mixed feelings, whereas I simply refused to like them.

Moving on, though, before I start to rant too much about this one aspect.

The story itself was okay. It wasn’t anything overly wonderful. In all honesty, had it not been for the ending, I would have considered it overly boring. There was some fun to be had, but I have read much better in other romance books. The ending was a great joy, though. I wasn’t really expecting such a revelation to come about at the end, and I’m pleased the author decided to do something different. It was a massive saving grace that I’m pleased for.

Still, even though it was a quick and easy read, I feel as though I forced myself through it. I know many will enjoy the story, but it simply wasn’t for me. I’d wanted something else, something more. Even the mature content was a let down – I’m really not sure why it says for eighteen plus, when I’ve read more detailed scenes in young adult books.

In the end, though, I doubt I’ll be reading the rest of the series as it wasn’t for me.

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