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Friday, 15 July 2016

Review: DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms (Part 1: Fifty Shades of Gangrene)

DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms (Part 1: Fifty Shades of Gangrene) DEAD IN BED By Bailey Simms (Part 1: Fifty Shades of Gangrene) by Adrian Birch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well this one was a pleasant surprise!

This is yet another of those stories I downloaded simply because of the word ‘free’. It has become a running theme in my life, as of late, influenced heavily by BookBub. If I’m honest, though, this one did interest me more than some of the other free books I have downloaded. After all, it seemed like a good laugh. Dead in Bed. Fifty Shades of Gangrene. Both aspects of the title appealed to the lover of comical horror tales within me. I wasn’t sure whether I would get enough to appease that aspect of me with such a short part of the book, but I was hopeful.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

You see, I tend to dislike these sequence aspects of stories. I like to read the entire thing in one. If I’m not pulled in from the get-go, I’m unlikely to continue. With part one of the Dead in Bed story I was left wanting more. Very rarely have I given four stars to such a short aspect of a story.

I was pulled in from the very start. We have mystery, humour and horror all in one. It is but a few pages long, but we’re given everything you would expect from a full-length novel. Plus, we know there is more to come. What’s not to love? The characters are interesting and diverse. The story, whilst only in the beginning stages, is gripping. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Without a doubt, this is a must read. Even if you only give this first part a read to see what to expect.

Trust me when I say it’s worth it.

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