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Friday, 22 July 2016

Review: Heroes & Thieves

Heroes & Thieves Heroes & Thieves by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while. You see, I’ve read a few of the author’s stories so far, and to date I’ve enjoyed them. Some more than others, but all have kept me interested throughout. This one appealed to me for one simple reason: pirates. I’m not someone who will go out of their way to find pirate books, especially not pirate romance books, but I cannot say no to such books. I have a soft spot for them – so much so that I really wish I’d read more of them. Moreover, this was the first book the author wrote and I wanted to see where it all began. To quote the author:

“A quick word about Heroes & Thieves - this was one of the first books I wrote seriously. It means a great deal to me because it's the essence of my dream come true. I remember scouring the romance aisles for a pirate novel (I'm obsessed with pirates!) that had more than just love at first sight, damsels in distress, and sex (although those are all great things - I want more to a book than one genre). I was with my mom at Borders (remember those?), and when I couldn't find anything, I turned to her and said, "I'm going to write my own."

And I did.

A few, actually.”

So, as you can see, a number of things pulled me towards this one. I didn’t start on it right away, but it was constantly nagging at me to read it. Unfortunately, when I gave in and decided to give it a read I did so at a less than wise moment in time. Starting a book at one o’clock in the morning when you’re working the next day is not wise. It means no sleep. Well, such is what this book meant. I kept telling myself I would put it down upon finishing a chapter… expect that never happened. I kept telling myself to stop, to sleep, but I kept going until I reached the end. You know you’re addicted when you forego sleep.

We have a fun story, even if it is a little bit slow at times. We have a fun heroine (one of my favourites by the author, actually): she has wit, she does what she wants, and she is generally fun to read. We have the typical romance, which is fun to watch play out. I admit there are some inconsistencies in the story, but if you’re as pulled in as I was then it is possible to overlook them. I would have also liked something more from the ending, for things to be more solid, but it was an interesting way for things to end. If nothing else, it means there is a possibility for the author to come back to it in the future if she wants to – and I would love for such a thing to happen.

If you’re a fan of pirate romance, I certainly recommend giving this one a read. It’s super fun.

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