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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Review: Stranger

Stranger Stranger by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read a number of books by Heather C. Myers – Tempting the Flesh and Losing Myself In You (the first two Somerset novels), Death in Neverland (the first Neverland novel), Heroes and Thieves, A Beauty Dark and Deadly – and I can honestly say I consider Stranger to be my favourite. All of her stories have been enjoyable reads, yet this one had something a bit more to it.

Stranger reads like X-Men, with a bit more romance and more focus upon the individual storylines. In many ways, it reflects countless other stories whereby we’re given a school full of special students, but that does not make it any less enjoyable. In fact, I’ve found Heather C. Myers is more than capable of taking a general theme that has been done before – in this case the school of special teens – and putting an enjoyable spin on it. Therefore, whilst it may sound like just another one of those stories, I can assure you it is more than worth reading.

The story itself is great. There are multiple aspects to it, and whilst at first I was put out by the different focuses, I soon found myself pulled into both aspects. I found myself favouring the aspect I was reading… until I started a new chapter and my focus changed to the other part. Basically, I loved all of the different storylines that were being told. Fortunately, it did not feel as though one aspect was being given more attention than the other aspect. We follow the different parts of the story at an equal pace, with enough being told for each to ensure you are pulled completely into it. There are also aspects that are ignored, working to ensure we have enough mystery surrounding certain parts of the story to ensure we want to know more.

The world building is also a lot of fun. It’s simple yet elegant, with enough thrown in to ensure it is not boring. We find out about the basics pretty quickly, yet by the end of the book we’re still not one hundred percent of all this supernatural world is capable of. In fact, that is part of the mystery of the book. It is part of the mystery of the series, and has more than ensured I wish to carry on to see where things go. I need to get answers to certain storylines, not only because I’m invested in the characters but also because I’m invested in the world.

Speaking of the characters, they are a lot of fun. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about some of them. In fact, I was sure I was going to dislike some. However, as the story continued I came to enjoy them more and more. Each character has a great storyline. There are some clichés to be found, especially when it comes to the romantic element of the story, but it was possible to overlook these things due to the diverse cast. Our characters gave us a little bit of everything, and it was fun to watch a lot of the interaction play out.

Honestly, I know I’m not saying much, but it’s because I fear I will say too much. I really did enjoy this one. I’m curious as to where the story is going to head next, and I plan to find out sooner rather than later. It’s certainly a series I want to finish.

If nothing else, you should pick it up because it’s free. Sometimes free books can be a bit of hit and miss, yet such is not the case here. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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