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Review: Bound by Love

Bound by Love Bound by Love by Red Phoenix
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Bound by Love is the seventeenth book in Red Phoenix’s Brie’s Submission series, and it’s a book where you really need to be up to date with the series to understand. The trend in romance at the moment seems to be each book tells a different character’s story, and my brain automatically thought such was the case with this one – after all, it’s so rare to see a series following the same characters reach book seventeen. This series, however, does not follow the popular trend.

What I learned from reading this book is that I need to pay more attention and not jump to conclusions at such an early stage. Through my lack of foresight, I jumped into book seventeen of a series and found myself lost. Not the kind of lost where I could find my footing, either. Sometimes you can jump into books and you get your background, you get the information needed to understand the characters, but such was not the case with this one. It builds heavily upon the prior books, and without the knowledge you’re clueless.

Due to this, I apologise to the author. My review does not accurately represent a rating you would get from fans of the series. Loyal followers will understand this a lot better than I did, and I’m sure there is much to be appreciated.

Will I go and read the prior books? I’m unsure. A part of me is intrigued, but at the same time what I saw with this one didn’t leave me all that excited. The story seems interesting, but I’m worried about the storytelling. This one bounced back and forth in time, and I’m unsure if it was specific to this book or whether it is something that happens throughout the series. If it’s the former, then I’ll probably give this series a try; if it’s the latter, I doubt I will dive in. I don’t mind some flashbacks, but this book was very heavy on them – too heavy for my liking.

Don’t take my rating as a sign of what you’ll think of the book, though – as I said, I messed up. If I do give the series a try, it’s possible I may come back to this one and find I enjoyed it once I had knowledge.

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