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Monday, 26 March 2018

Review: Mountain Manhattan

Mountain Manhattan Mountain Manhattan by Frankie Love
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Certain authors appear as suggestions for me quite often, and I’ve recently found myself trying to dive into said authors. Frankie Love is one such author. A few of Frankie Love’s mountain men stories have been mildly interesting to me, but Mountain Manhattan is my first-time diving into a Frankie Love story – while it was enjoyable, I wasn’t crazy about it.

When I started Mountain Manhattan, I was intrigued. It started off grabbing my attention, and it wasn’t long before things started to move. I love it when books are quick to grab you, throwing you straight into the story, and Mountain Manhattan did exactly that.

However, as the story progressed I realised I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I’d been expecting to. I was reading it to see how things ended, not because of any insane love for the book. I wasn’t forcing myself to read it, yet at the same time I could have easily put the book aside and picked up something else.

It was an enjoyable book, but it was missing that little extra spark that moves me into the realm of loving a book. It made for a decent introduction to Frankie Love, but it did not leave me a fangirl. Whether I’ll read the second book in the Mountain Man in the Big City series remains to be seen, as at present I’m undecided.

Overall, an okay book but not what I had hoped for.

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