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Review: No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love No Ordinary Love by Melody Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Melody Grace is an author that has caught my attention a few times in the past, especially with her Beachwood Bay series. In fact, I’ve had the first Beachwood Bay book sitting on my Kindle for quite some time. For reasons mostly unknown (the known being I often find myself buried under books I need to review), I always found myself opting to read something other than the Beachwood Bay book that interested me. Thus, when I saw the chance to read No Ordinary Love, I was more than happy to finally get my introduction to Melody Grace.

No Ordinary Love is the sixth book in the Sweetbriar Cove series, but it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel. There are details of side characters that clearly play off events in the prior books, references to couples whose stories have already played out earlier in the series, yet this does nothing to diminish the fun to be had with No Ordinary Love. Sure, I’m interested in reading the other books – however, this is not due to a lack of knowledge when reading No Ordinary Love, instead it is a reflection of how I now have a larger interest in reading Melody Grace books. There is no doubt I’ll be diving into the Beachwood Bay book sitting on my Kindle, and I’ll certainly need to download the other Sweetbriar Cove books so I can enjoy the way the characters build throughout this series.

From the start of this book, I was sucked into the story. It’s a simple one, a trope we see quite often, but there’s plenty throughout to keep you interested. It’s a short and sweet read, with plenty of emotions thrown in throughout. There is angst and drama, there are moments that leave a huge smile on your face, and lots of other goodies to be found. Everything that plays out is important, every detail sucks you in deeper. I loved the characters, I loved the way they played off each other, and I loved the way their story developed. It was a wonderful mix of dramatic and sweet, leaving me addicted throughout.

Not to mention, I found myself invested in the stories of the other characters. I loved the story that played out between our main characters, but the glimpses we were given of the side characters left me intrigued to find out more. The epilogue in particular has me super excited about the next book – a book I’ll certainly be grabbing. Not only do I wish to see more of the main characters I came to love so much in this book, but I’m also excited to see how the story between two of the side characters I really came to enjoy played out.

As my introduction to Melody Grace, this one has left me more than willing to pick up more.

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