Monday, 5 March 2018

Review: The Most Special Chosen

The Most Special Chosen The Most Special Chosen by Rachel de la Fuente
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Most Special Chosen is the first book in Rachel de la Fuente’s Exalted Bloodlines series, and a fun debut novel. There is no doubt I am interested in seeing what comes next for this series, curious to see what will come to light as we dig deeper into the world.

At first, I was a little bit unsure about this book. The synopsis was vague, leaving me intrigued but unsure. Whenever such happens, however, I find my curiosity wins over – thus, I was more than willing to dive into this one. With no expectations, with no idea of what I was going to get, I was open to any kind of story.

I’ll be completely honest – I enjoyed the second half of this book much more than I enjoyed the first half. The first half didn’t really stand out from other books in this genre all that much. It contained the usual things you find in the first book of a paranormal series – the introduction to the characters, and the expected first encounter. It wasn’t until the second half of the book that things started to really come together, when things started to stand out a bit more.

In the second half of the book, we really get into the paranormal element of the story. I expected this book to contain just a single paranormal element, something everyone loves, but I was quite surprised when something more was thrown into the mix. I’m not going to say what, due to spoilers, but it was something a bit different. It gives us a different lore to work with, more characters to enjoy, and so many possibilities. Without a doubt, it was this unusual element that left me enjoying the second half of this book so much.

By the time I was finished with this one, I was left desperate to see what comes next. Things are left very open at the end of this book, as you would expect from the first in a series, and I have so many hopes for where the story will take us. Despite how I wasn’t crazy about the first half of the book, certain elements tied in so well with details that came out in the second half of the book – and this is what I’m hoping will happen in the future books. I’m hoping things will continue to build, that we’ll get a lot of fun in the future.

I think my biggest issue with this book, however, was the voices of our characters. This book would fall into the new adult category, yet I felt as though I was dealing with characters in a young adult book. Were it not for the mention of university, for the references to twenty-something birthdays, I would have spent the entire book believing the characters were much younger than I they were. It’s just something that really stood out to be.

Overall, this was an interesting read. The Most Special Chosen is a fun introduction to what looks to be a promising series, and I’m excited for more.

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  1. Thanks for your honest review! Constructive criticism like this is the only way to help us authors improve. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the flaws.

  2. I had fun with it, for sure. I'm excited to read the second book! (: