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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Review: Behind the Bar

Behind the Bar Behind the Bar by P.C. Zick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Behind the Bar is the second in the Behind the Love series, and I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed the first book. Once again, it is a three-point-five star read rounded down. As with the first book, I had an internal debate of whether I was to round this one up or down – and whilst it did have more four star moments than the first book, I was still leaning more towards three stars when I stopped to think about how much I enjoyed this one.

Behind the Bar tells the story of two of the characters introduced to us in the first book. As with the first book, the story starts at a wedding, before things quickly grow out of control. Whilst the first book is a story of finding new love, this is a story of recognising the love you have. Due to this, we have a very different kind of read in Behind the Bar. I really enjoyed this change of feel, allowing us to read a completely different kind of story.

As with the first book, however, I felt as though the story had ups and downs. When I was reading a part of the story where I was interested, you could not pull me away from the book; however, there were certain parts of the book where I felt as though I was forcing myself to work through the story. Overall, the story was interesting, yet my enjoyment of the story came and went more than it should have. I think, in part, this is because I managed to work out quite a bit of how the story was going to play out. There was a lot happening within this story, yet I managed to see most of the things before they occurred. Had there been more twists, I would have been shocked a bit more. I’m not saying everything was predictable, just that I wasn’t as shocked by most events as I would have liked to be.

Despite this, I really enjoyed getting to know the characters from the first book even better. As I’ve already stated, it’s a very different kind of story. In addition to being a different type of story, the characters are also very different. Hence why I said this book has a very different feel to it. Moreover, we get to see the characters from the prior book as well, allowing us to see how their lives have progressed.

Overall, I enjoyed this more than the first book. It’s left me curious to see how the future stories play out.

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