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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Review: Destiny of the Queen

Destiny of the Queen Destiny of the Queen by Jacqueline Patricks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I find myself having an internal dilemma. I cannot decide if Nightmares of the Queen or Destiny of the Queen is my favourite book in the Brajj trilogy. Both books were amazing for completely different reasons, and picking a favourite is hard. I’m going to settle for saying the entire trilogy is a knockout, thereby saving myself from becoming overly fixated on deciding upon a single favourite.

Destiny of the Queen picks up where Nightmares of the Queen left off. We’re instantly thrown into the situation that left us with the big ‘what comes next’ question. Feeling like two stories in one, we alternate between Lewis’ story and the story of what is happening on Earth. Although it feels like we’re reading two stories, the way we alternate between the two is flawless – a chapter for each, flickering back and forth between them both. Moreover, they come together so well that you’re constantly reminded this is one wonderful interwoven story. I cannot deny that I had my favourite aspect – I never expected Lewis to become a favourite, and yet I found myself wanting more and more of his story – but the entire thing was wonderful.

In this one, we’re introduced to a number of new elements. Things introduce to us in the prior books are brought together wonderfully, allowing us to bring all our knowledge together. Sometimes, when authors add new elements in the final book, things can get a bit crowded, but such is not the case here. The new elements and the old are told seamlessly, everything playing a part in the story. You’ll find yourself so caught up in the world that you’ll feel as though you’ve known every single element of the story for more than a simple trilogy. It’s more than just the way the story is told, more than just the wonderful characters – it’s the way everything comes together so smoothly.

As with the prior books in the series, Destiny of the Queen is an addictive read. From the very start, you’ll find yourself caught up in the world, unwilling to put the book down. There are so many questions you require answers to, so many things you wish to see more of, and so many feelings you’ve yet to experience. Destiny of the Queen really does well to bring everything together. In fact, I’m amazed by how well everything came together in the end. The way everything links back is wonderful, so much so that I finished the book with a stupid satisfied smile upon my face. I admit that there are a couple of questions I feel as though I didn’t quite get answers to, but for the most part everything was done so well. It is hard to bring any series to a close, so many lose ends that need to be dealt with, yet this one does so wonderfully.

I really did love this series, so much more than I’d anticipated.

In fact, I’m sad to say goodbye to the world. I came to love the world and the characters so much more than I’d imagined I would, and saying goodbye is hard. Oh, I have downloaded Captain Lewis’ Broken Dream, but that will only satisfy small needs. It will give me a little bit more of the world, sure, and yet I know it will only leave me begging for more. Not that this story ended badly – in no way am I trying to imply such a thing. All I’m saying is that the stories and characters have wiggled in so deep that I’m feeling lost without them.

Whatever I read next, you’re going to have to pack a serious punch to stand up to this trilogy.

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