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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Review: Vengeance Be Mine

Vengeance Be Mine Vengeance Be Mine by Louisa Lo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vengeance Be Mine is one of those stories that pull you in from the very start. The story grips you, leaving you wanting more, and before you know it you’re pulled into a wonderful world.

As the first book in the series, Vengeance Be Mine leaves you interested and wanting more. There are so many elements introduced in this one that I cannot wait to find out more about. So many possibilities are opened up, so many potential storylines, and I cannot wait to see how all of these elements come together.

As an urban fantasy read, this one gives us something new. Demons are a dime a dozen nowadays – it seems as though urban fantasy has shifted from vampires to angels and demons – but this one brings us something new and exciting. Our demons offer us an interesting concept – they’re not evil creatures out torturing for the sake of it, they’re out getting vengeance for the wrongs that have been done. The demons are more complex than your simple hellfire fiends, and it was great to watch how this kind of world played out. It’s not just the demons that are wonderful, though. We have other supernatural creatures involved in this story, and the dynamics and interactions between the different races makes for a very enjoyable read. Whilst this book focuses mainly upon the demons and tricksters, we are made aware of other creatures and I cannot wait to find out more about them.

The story is unique in a number of other ways. For me, this one stood out as it was very low on the romance. Often paranormal reads become very romance heavy. I have no problem with this – I enjoy it more than I’d ever imagined I would – yet it was refreshing to be given a read that did not turn into a full-blown romance. This was especially wonderful in that this was a new adult read, where the trend seems to be stronger than it is anywhere else. There are still some romantic indications, possibilities for the future, but in this one the plot is never buried under lust filled thoughts. It’s always refreshing to find such a read.

The interesting world building and refreshing romantic feel are just two of the things that pulled me in. The storyline and storytelling were also wonderful. The storyline moves at a steady pace, giving us a complete story for this first book whilst leaving us with a number of unanswered questions that we’ll need to read the future books to get our answers for. Throughout the progression of the story, we get some humour and emotional moments, exactly what you would hope for from a well-rounded read.

We also have some wonderful characters. We have good and bad, along with those who walk the line between. There were a large number of characters I cannot wait to find out more about, characters I hope we get to see a lot of in the future books.

Because, if you haven’t already worked it out, I really need to read the future books. I’m super interested to see where this series is going. There’s such potential for the places the story could go, and I’m excited to see how everything comes together.

If you’re looking for a new urban fantasy fix, this is certainly a series to jump into.

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