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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Review: Hot Cop

Hot Cop Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everyone has a weakness. My weakness is men in a very specific uniform: cops. I’m not sure how to describe my attraction to police officers – it is something between a teenager girl flinging her bra at a rock concert and a woman in her prime looking at a man with a child. It is primal. Something I cannot control. A rather Freudian response in the eyes of many, whilst also managing to be a bit of a female cliché. Nevertheless, there is something hot about a man in uniform.

Thus, I’m always happy to jump into cop stories. Be it mystery novels or romantic novels, if we’re dealing with cops, I’m there.

Hot Cop begged to be read from the moment I saw it. The title screams out to me, the cover left my eyes rolling back in my head, and the synopsis had me feeling all kinds of different things. When I found out I was receiving an advance reader copy – well, I died a little. I was so happy. I squealed, I informed people, and I had to force myself to calm down enough to give this one all the attention it deserved.

Because hot damn – it was a brilliant read.

If I were the kind of reviewer to share gifs, you would have nothing but a long list of hop cop gifs right now. This one leaves you wanting your own hot cop, checking out every police cruiser that drivers by, and questioning how conceivable it is to get a job at the local library in the hope of recreating this book. Because I would. I would so recreate this in my life if I could. It is wonderful in so many ways; it is a wonderful read that leaves you gripped throughout. It’s a book that will stay with me for a long time – a book that has given me enough feels to dim the next few books I decide to read, as I know whatever I read next will pale in comparison to Hot Cop.

Although you know from the start how this one is going to end, such a thing fails to have a negative impact upon the story. I find with romance books of this ilk that it’s all about the journey. You go in expecting a happily ever after, what you want to experience is how the happily ever after is achieved. You want all the drama, all the grizzly details and heartbreak, before the happiness. When you stop and think about it, romance fans are rather dark individuals. Fortunately, this book delivers the magical kind of journey that forces all kinds of emotions from you. Happiness, heartbreak, fear, and so many other things that you’ll need to find a German dictionary because it’s the only language I know of that has words for those pesky emotions that require an entire sentence for native English speakers.

Honestly, though, the emotions in this one. It is such a deep read, yet it is mixed in with so much humour that you’re never quite sure how you’re supposed to be feeling. You feel everything, too much, all at once, resulting in a heady combination that will leave you reeling. I was asked so many times to explain what I was laughing at – trying to sneaky read at work is a no go with this one, unfortunately, as holding back your emotional responses is impossible. I received a few strange looks when my face took on the expression of those deeply tortured. Those are just the things I’m aware of doing – there’s no telling what other signals I was sending.

It’s hilarious. It’s hot. It’s emotional. It is everything you could hope for from such a book.

You fall in love with the characters instantly, desperate for more. More what? More everything! You’re pulled so deeply into their lives, they’re such wonderful characters, and everything they do leaves you loving them more. Our main characters are two of my most recent favourites – they were truly wonderful. Chase was a wonderful hero, the kind of guy you love more and more with each passing page. Liv was a fabulous heroine, the kind of woman that shows all kinds of emotional depths as the story progresses. The side characters were also a lot of fun. In fact, everyone in this story was wonderful in some way. It really was a brilliant cast.

In short, the checklist is complete:
Great storyline: check.
Fabulous characters: check.
Emotional: check.
Humour: check, check, and check some more.
Steamy scenes: check.

In short, I have so much love of this story. I loved it, loved it, loved it.

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