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Friday, 2 June 2017

Review: Mother of Wolves

Mother of Wolves Mother of Wolves by J. Aislynn d'Merricksson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mother of Wolves is one of those books where I had an internal battle of whether I was to round my rating up or down. It’s a solid three-point-five star read, and in the end I decided to round down due to my belief of the rest of the series being capable of offering up solid four star ratings. Many will easily hand over a four star rating for the book, but recently I’m finding it hard to hand out the number of four-star ratings I used to.

Mother of Wolves is a very interesting read, one that pulls you in and leaves you curious as to how everything will come together. The action begins almost instantly and does not let up throughout the book. Every time you think you can stop to take a breather, you’re pulled into a new form of action. Honestly, there really is so much going on throughout this story. It is event after event, and I loved this about the story. Although there is so much going on, you never feel as though there is too much happening. It is action packed without being over the top, enough to keep you engaged throughout without leaving you spiralling out of control.

All of this action takes place in a wonderful fantasy world. This, however, is where I found myself unsure of whether I wanted to round to three or four stars. Whilst the fantasy world was wonderful, I didn’t quite understand it in the way I had wanted to. We had wonderful cultures, we had fantastic mythology, and we had so many things introduced to us – however, I never really understood the world in the way I had been hoping to. It was interesting, yes, but I couldn’t create a solid image in my mind. It was a vivid world, yet it felt like some of the foundations were missing. The heavy lifting happened to quickly, and the little things that help you find your way around were absent. I cannot deny that I really enjoyed the world building, I cannot deny that it was amazing, yet without those solid images in my mind I did feel a little bit lost.

Despite this, as I’ve stated, I really was pulled into the story. Getting to know the characters, in particular, was wonderful. You quickly come to love the main characters, their stories pulling you in. They’re both such amazing characters, and by the end you’re left with numerous questions as to how things will play out for them. You know so much and yet you don’t really know anything at all – just the way it should be when characters are wrapped up in mystery. It really does set you up well for the future books, leaving you excited to read how the characters stories will play out.

Overall, this was a nice introduction to the series. It certainly pulls you in and leaves you excited to see what comes next.

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