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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Review: Behind the Door

Behind the Door Behind the Door by P.C. Zick
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Behind the Door is the fourth book in the Behind the Love series, and it is my favourite of the four books. I went into this one tentative, unsure as to whether I would enjoy it, only to find I loved it more than I enjoyed all of the prior books. Without a doubt, it’s a demonstration of how this series has been getting stronger with each book.

The Behind the Love series follows the same set of characters throughout, each book giving us another person’s story whilst continuing to show us how the characters from the prior books have moved on with their lives. I was unsure about the story we were receiving in this one, as I never really came to enjoy the main female character in the prior books. For me, I felt as though we were being forced to like the female lead. With each book, she became less of the ‘mean girl’ and more of the victim. At times, it felt a bit forced. Yet, after reading this book, I found I really did enjoy her character.

As with each of the books in the series, Behind the Door gives us a different kind of love story to what we experienced in the prior books. This time, it’s a story of finding love after grief. I’m going to be honest – this one hit raw emotional nerves. Some of the scenes were truly heart breaking. With the prior books, I found the emotional impact wasn’t always what I had anticipated it to be – yet this one hit every emotion it needed to hit. It was raw and beautiful, pulling me into the story from the very start.

Following on from the prior book in the series, I wasn’t quite sure how this one was going to play out. I expected a completely different kind of story, and I think that’s what surprised me most. The other books I had some kind of idea how the story would play out, even before I started reading, yet this one caught me off guard from the start. We’re thrown into a story continuing on from book three, and then things are quickly turned around to give us an unexpected tale. I really did enjoy the way this one surprised me.

Without a doubt, my favourite of the series.

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